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Popular Restorative Dental Treatments You May Find Interesting

Popular Restorative Dental Treatments You May Find Interesting

We all have heard from dentists how much having good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups is essential in order to have a flawless smile. However, some dental problems are unavoidable and occur unexpectedly even though you take good care of your teeth. Fortunately, there is a variety of dental treatments designed to address all dental issues in order to give you a bright, white smile. Here at Eagle Family Dentistry, our experienced dentists are perfectly trained and prepared to provide you with the best possible dental care services to restore your smile. The most popular category cosmetic dentists normally offer is restorative dental care, which can be done to return your teeth to their normal working function. Although the main goal of restorative dentistry is to restore your beautiful smile, cosmetic dentistry standards are also included in these procedures. Restorative treatments cover a wide range of dental problems, so it’s confusing to understand which one is suitable for your condition and needs. Continue to read this article and understand popular restorative treatments.

What are common restorative treatments?

Your cosmetic dentist can offer many different options when you need restorative dentistry:

  • Dental veneers: have you ever thought about the secret behind the flawless smiles of celebrities? Chances are they have cosmetic veneers covering the front surfaces of their teeth to provide that attractive, gorgeous appearance. Dental veneers are popular in both cosmetic and restorative dentistry and are useful for those with misshapen, discolored, and chipped teeth.
  • Tooth fillings: dental fillings top the list of dental restorative treatments that can be used to achieve many different goals. Commonly, tooth fillings are used to save a decayed tooth to prevent dental infection and other serious dental emergencies that may occur later.
  • Dental crowns: if you suffer from a damaged, cracked, or broken tooth, a dental crown may be a good option to restore your tooth. In simple terms, cosmetic crowns are hollow caps made from porcelain, ceramic, or gold.
  • Dental bridges: if you need to replace multiple missing teeth, your cosmetic dentist may recommend tooth bridges to complete your smile. In this restorative treatment, two or three false teeth are placed to fill the space where your natural teeth were. If you maintain good oral hygiene and schedule regular checkups and dental cleaning, you can ensure your bridges last a lifetime.
  • Dental implants: another effective and significantly popular method to restore your missing teeth is dental implants. The process of getting tooth implants is done surgically, as they are installed directly into the jawbone.

Can restorative treatments be used in conjunction with other dental services?

The answer is yes. In fact, many dentists suggest restorative dentistry and other cosmetic dental procedures together to address a dental problem.

  • Root canal – when your tooth can be saved with fillings, root canal treatment is the only option left. After getting a root canal, most endodontists recommend covering your tooth with a dental crown for more protection and strength.
  • Teeth whitening – before starting most restorative treatments, professional teeth whitening is recommended to boost the results.

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