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Implant Removal Newmarket

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Implant Removal Newmarket

Advanced Dental Implants in Newmarket

If you’re seeking a reliable dental clinic in Newmarket to schedule an implant removal appointment with accomplished dental specialists, look no further than Eagle Family Dentistry. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing successful implant removal procedures in Newmarket and addressing your specific dental needs.

Dental implants are famous for their ability to restore natural smiles and offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. There are, however, times when it is necessary to say goodbye. Implant Removal is a process that may sound daunting but can be essential for your oral health. In this text, we are going to discover why implant removal is sometimes necessary, how it works, and what to expect during this procedure.

In addition to our expertise in implant removal in Newmarket, we offer a wide range of other dental services. Whether you require

In addition to our expertise in implant removal in Newmarket, we offer a wide range of other dental services. Whether you require

emergency dental services in Newmarket,

wisdom tooth extraction in Newmarket,

root canal therapy in Newmarket,

teeth whitening in Newmarket,

Invisalign treatments in Newmarket,

dental veneers in Newmarket,

dental crowns in Newmarket, or

pediatric dentistry services in Newmarket,

our Newmarket clinic is well-equipped to address various dental issues and defects.


Why Remove Dental Implants?

As our professional dental implant specialist in Newmarket explains, the implant removal process is not something common, but certain situations may call for it:

  1. Implant Failure: Occasionally, dental implants can fail because they do not integrate with the jawbone or develop complications over time. In such instances, there is no choice but to remove them to prevent further issues. In other words, our advanced Newmarket dental implant removal is the best choice in this situation. 
  2. Infection: A tooth implant infection can put your oral health at risk. Some severe infections can only be treated and prevented by implant removal surgery.
  3. Implant Complications: Very rarely, if your implants get fractured or damaged, they will need replacement or removal.

To know whether you need to undergo our dental implant removal process in Newmarket, feel free to contact our dental team and have a free consultation with them.

The Implant Removal Process

The implant removal surgery in our Newmarket dental clinic is a well-planned and accurate surgery designed to minimize pain and complications. This is how it typically goes:


  1. The first step is getting a comprehensive evaluation from our Newmarket implant removal surgeons. They will check the implant, the bone surrounding it, and any complications.
  2. You will get local anesthesia just like the first implant placement so that you are comfortable and feel as little pain as possible.
  3. At the implant site, a small cut is made in the gum tissue. This will allow access to your implant.
  4. Our successful yet affordable Newmarket implant removal procedure is done carefully, using specialized instruments. Our implant removal surgeon near Newmarket will take great care to avoid damage to the surrounding bone and tissues.
  5. The surgeon will inspect the site after the implant is removed for signs of infection, bone loss, or anything else. At this point, any necessary treatments, like bone grafting or infection management, will be done.
  6. The incision is stitched up, and the healing process begins.


What to Expect After Implant Removal

It is completely normal to feel some discomfort after the implant removal surgery, but pain medicine and ice packs can help you with the discomfort. It is no doubt, after all, that following your Newmarket implant removal surgeon’s instructions will lead to a smooth recovery.

Are you looking for successful and painless implant removal surgery near Newmarket? Look no further than Eagle Family Dentistry. At our esteemed dental clinic, we offer professional and safe implant removal procedures to address your specific needs. We have the expertise and precision to ensure a smooth and successful procedure.

Moving Forward

If dental implant removal was due to complications or infections, you may need some time to heal before considering implant replacement. Our experienced Newmarket implant removal surgeon will work with you to develop a new treatment plan and discuss whether you are a suitable candidate for future implant placement.

Last Words

Implant removal may not be something you initially think about when getting dental implants, but it is a necessary procedure in certain circumstances. While it may seem like saying goodbye to a valuable investment, it is a crucial step to ensure your oral health and prevent potential complications.

You are in good hands when it comes to our Newmarket implant removal surgery because our skilled professionals at Eagle Family Dentistry put your safety first. Dental implants can be removed in order to maintain a healthy mouth. Keeping your smile healthy and long-lasting is our top priority!

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