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The Art of Dental Implant Extraction: A Smile's Second Chance

Designed to look and function similar to natural teeth, dental implants are an oral health solution for those who have missing teeth. In the world of dentistry, dental implant extraction is an evolutionary procedure. Imagine your teeth as the pillars of a building, and dental implants as the architects of its restoration. This process is more than just a fix; it’s a masterpiece in the making. Our team of expert implantologists at Eagle Family Dentistry can masterfully rebuild the beauty and functionality of your teeth and bring the confidence and comfort back into your life. Our ultimate goal is to maintain your oral health and protect your precious smile. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding dental implants, our professional dentists can provide you with detailed information during a free consultation session.

The Basics of Dental Implant Extraction

Dental implant extraction, also known as “tooth replacement surgery,” involves the removal of a damaged or decayed tooth and the subsequent placement of an artificial tooth root, referred to as a dental implant. This root provides a well-built foundation for the artificial tooth while ensuring both strength and longevity.

The Reasons behind Dental Implant Extraction

Whether you are struggling with severe toothache and need emergency root canal therapy or have just faced a knocked-out tooth, it’s time to get in touch with our top-rated emergency dentist in Newmarket.

We will help you get back to your everyday life by delivering top-quality emergency dental care. Our dental professionals can cover dental emergencies of all kinds and provide stress-free emergency dental treatments in our Newmarket clinicEagle Family Dentistry is ready to serve the patients with ultimate emergency dental care and values your comfort beyond expectations.

 We can also accommodate your needs through same-day emergency dental appointments in Newmarket and restore your healthy smile in a flash. Walk-in patients are accepted. Reach out to our Newmarket emergency dental team for further information.

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The Reasons behind Dental Implant Extraction

You might be wondering why someone would opt for dental implant extraction in the first place. Well, there are various reasons. Contrary to popular belief, an implant may need to be placed following the extraction of a tooth for a variety of reasons, but the ultimate goal is to improve oral health, prevent any future decay, and offer a second chance at a beautiful smile. Here are some of the most common reasons why tooth extraction may be recommended by dental professionals:

  • Significant Cavities

While, most cavities can be treated with a filling, a crown may be recommended for larger cavities. However, if the cavity is extremely large and destroys the majority of the tooth’s structure, neither a filling nor a crown will suffice, and an extraction is recommended.

  • Injuries

We’ve all heard numerous times about how an injury or accident, such as a car crash or a sports collision, can cause significant damage to your teeth. In less common instances, an injury can even cause damage to your jaw. In both cases, extraction may become necessary.

  • Severe Cracks or Breaks

Teeth can crack due to grinding or chewing on substances that are too hard, such as ice, nuts, or unpopped popcorn kernels. While minor cracks may be salvageable through dental intervention, major fractures, especially those involving the root, are typically beyond repair.

  • Overcrowding 

Another common reason for extraction is overcrowding in the mouth. Overcrowding can cause the teeth to become misaligned, and the overlapping makes it difficult to brush or floss properly, which increases the chances of decay.

  • Impaction

An impacted tooth is typically invisible, unlike the other teeth. This occurs when the tooth cannot erupt fully or do not erupt at all. The tooth may impacted because it is in the wrong position, or a lingering baby tooth, another permanent tooth, or a gum cyst may be blocking it. The most common impacted teeth are wisdom teeth, but other teeth can also be impacted and may require dental implants after extraction.

The Decision to Rebuild Your Beautiful Smile Is Yours!

In conclusion, dental implant extraction is a remarkable journey that offers a fresh start for your smile. Here at Eagle Family Dentistry, we combine artistry, precision, and cutting-edge technology to give you a reason to smile confidently once again. So, if you find yourself in need of a dental implant extraction, hesitate no more! Call us now for your appointment!

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