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Advanced Root Canal Therapy in Newmarket

Advanced Root Canal Therapy in Newmarket

Do you need root canal treatment in Newmarket? Don’t get panic! Eagle Family Dentistry offers painless and affordable root canal therapy to Newmarket patients and beyond. Our root canal specialist employs recent advances to achieve the maximum precision & the best results. We are committed to taking care of your oral health and saving your natural tooth through endodontics or root canal treatment.

No one looks forward to undergoing root canal therapy. However, Eagle Family Dentistry has made the root canal procedure in Newmarket as stress-free and comfortable as possible. We strive to ensure that you are treated effectively after the endodontic process and recover with no pain. If you are experiencing severe tooth decay or unbearable dental pain and require endodontics in Newmarket, contact our office at (905)-836-6111and book your appointment.

FAQs Provided by our Top-Rated Newmarket Endodontist

As all experienced & dedicated endodontists explain, endodontic treatment is the best solution to save severely infected teeth. However, those recommended to undergo this beneficial treatment come to visit us with many questions in their mind. That’s why we provide a few questions our patients frequently ask before their root canal therapy begins. Don’t hesitate to call Eagle Family Dentistry if your questions are not covered in the following parts. Here, we eagerly wait to provide you with a free consultation and make you well-informed about your required treatment.

As discussed earlier, root canal therapy is the most effective dental method that can save severely decayed teeth. However, some patients avoid this beneficial treatment because they think it can lead to unbearable dental pain. The essential point that should be taken into consideration is that if you postpone root canal therapy in our Newmarket clinic, you will lose the chance of preserving your permanent teeth. Some significant symptoms that indicate you need urgent endodontic treatment are as follows: • Extreme dental pain that persists for several days • A fractured or discolored tooth • Increased teeth sensitivity • Redness and swelling around a certain Tooth • Many other symptoms, including fever, difficulty breathing well or swallowing things Don’t hesitate to visit us at Eagle Family Dentistry as soon as you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above. Here, we proudly offer a full range of urgent dental services, including tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal, and root canal therapy for all Newmarket residents. Call us anytime an urgent dental problem occurs and save your natural teeth straightforwardly.

It is a good idea to avoid having hard and chewy food for a few days after the procedure. Instead, you can stick to a liquid diet and make sure to drink enough water. Avoiding tobacco products is another essential factor ensuring your recovery time goes smoothly.
Our Newmarket endodontist may prescribe some antibiotics you should promptly use to eliminate the risk of reinfection.

Professional Newmarket Root Canal Therapist & Endodontist

Our root canal specialist in Newmarket helps you deal with your emergency dental problem in our well-equipped dental clinic. Tooth extraction is always the last option for our dental experts. That’s why we offer the most professional root canal therapy in Newmarket and endeavor to save your tooth.

You don’t need to worry about the pain during and after the root canal procedure since you will be in safe hands as soon as you walk through our clinic’s door. We understand that each patient visits our endodontist in Newmarket with unique requirements. That’s why we provide them with personalized root canal treatment plans to meet their needs. You don’t have to suffer from severe toothache any longer. Give us a call for a free consultation.

The Full Process of Root Canal Therapy

Once you step into our professional dental clinic for root canal therapy in Newmarket, our endodontists will accurately check the condition to determine the severity of your problem. Before starting your treatment, they will use anesthesia to numb your gums around the affected teeth. They will make an opening in your enamel to remove all infected parts of your teeth. Once they ensure all canals related to your damaged teeth are properly cleaned, they will put sealants to close the hole and strengthen your teeth by placing protective dental crowns over them.

At Eagle Family Dentistry, exceptional root canal therapy is effectively performed, and our Newmarket endodontists will try their best to help you feel calm and comfortable during the procedure. Call us right away and say goodbye to your extreme toothache.


When Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Our Newmarket root canal expert may recommend endodontic therapy when realizing the signs of infection or significant damage in your tooth. Root canal treatment, also called endodontics, is a dental procedure used to remove the infection or repair the damage. After the root canal process, your dentist usually uses a dental crown or fillings to complete the treatment. As a whole, your tooth may require root canal therapy in our Newmarket clinic due to various reasons, including:

  • Trauma, such as a sports injury that causes your nerve tissue to be damaged
  • Severe tooth decay, a cavity, or infection that reaches down deep to your tooth pulp
  • A broken, cracked, fractured tooth that harms the pulp of your tooth

At Eagle Family Dentistry, we have performed numerous successful root canal therapies in Newmarket and are highly experienced in this regard. Bear in mind that an on-time root canal treatment can prevent tooth loss unless you may lose your tooth and require dental implants or other cosmetic dentistry procedures like dental bridges to replace it. It will help if you don’t underestimate the importance of regular dental exams, as they help you keep the need for root canal therapy at bay. If you are looking for a trusted root canal therapist in Newmarket, do not hesitate to contact Eagle Family Dentistry.

Save Your Damaged Teeth As Soon As Possible

Our Newmarket root canal experts are always here to save your damaged teeth and restore their function and appearance.

Free Consultation with Our Newmarket Root Canal Specialists

If you do not know whether you need root canal therapy, you can make a free consultation with our Newmarket root canal specialists at Eagle Family Dentistry. Our priority is to protect your teeth and gums. We utilize the most recent advances and top-quality materials to provide successful and pain-free root canal treatment in this regard.
Contact us right now, and take advantage of our state-of-art root canal treatment. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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