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How Does a Cosmetic Dentist Transform Your Smile?

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As we all know, our smile can dramatically affect how old we look. That’s why many people prefer to spend a lot of money on different cosmetic products to make their faces look more beautiful. But you will achieve more desirable outcomes if you focus on solving your dental defects. Although the brightness of natural teeth is the primary thing everyone notices, their physical shape is an even more important factor affecting your smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry is one of the common branches that offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical options to help you have the most attractive smile you’ve ever seen. At Eagle Family Dentistry, we take pride in working with a group of professionally-trained cosmetic dentists equipped with top-of-the-line dentistry tools to perform world-class cosmetic dental treatments in Newmarket and the surrounding area. We are always ready to create an impressive smile for all valued patients and help them enjoy the rest of their life. This useful blog outlines the most highly-requested cosmetic dental treatments to solve dental imperfections. Stay with us if you wonder which option can properly meet your needs.


How Can You Turn Back the Clocks Using Cosmetic Dentistry?

As discussed above, cosmetic dental treatments can effectively improve negative facial changes associated with aging. For some cases, a single procedure like teeth whitening is required, while others need a combination of various treatments to achieve their aesthetic purposes. The following issues are some examples of common dental issues that can be properly corrected with the help of a dedicated cosmetic dentist:


  • Dental gaps
  • Fractured teeth
  • Severely stained teeth
  • Missing teeth

Anytime you notice one of the mentioned issues ruins your glorious smile, schedule a time to visit a highly-experienced cosmetic dentist and discuss all the beneficial options available to transform your smile positively. Let us introduce some examples of cutting-edge cosmetic dental solutions:


Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment: all of us are susceptible to experiencing dental discoloration, even those who stick to good oral hygiene. Look no further than an in-office whitening procedure if you are looking for an economical cosmetic method to brighten your stained teeth effectively. However, a wide range of at-home options is also available for those who prefer to achieve their desired results independently. Feel free to consult professional dentists before a specific teeth whitening procedure. They will perform a thorough dental exam to determine which whitening options can effectively remove the colorful spots on your teeth.


Dental Veneers: one of the most highly-requested cosmetic dental treatments that can quickly de-age your smile is dental veneers. Nowadays, several materials are available to create dental veneers. Still, if you want to achieve the most natural-looking results with the highest durability, porcelain dental veneers can be the right option. This special type will properly hide numerous dental imperfections like dental fractures and discoloration and correct alignment dental issues.

Dental implants: Although cosmetic dentistry offers various solutions to replace lost teeth, most skilled dental experts recommend their valued patients replace them with teeth implants. This advanced tooth replacement treatment can restore your powerful chewing ability for a lifetime. It should also be mentioned that dentures and dental bridges will be better decisions for those who can’t stand surgical treatments.  




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