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Dental Veneers: What Are the Alternatives?

Dental Veneers

Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular among people since everyone wants a more attractive smile. Your smile is an important feature of your appearance that you need to take care of to look more charismatic. It might be surprising to discover what an impact a flawless smile can have on meeting someone for the first time. But what can you do if your teeth are misaligned, discolored, or chipped? Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, all these problems can be easily fixed, and everyone can have a beautiful, gorgeous smile. At Eagle Family Dentistry, our dentists give you the most practical recommendations on improving your smile in the best way possible. Among the different options cosmetic dentists offer, dental veneers are so popular and useful. However, some patients can’t be good candidates or don’t like to get cosmetic veneers at all. In such cases, you can consider alternatives to dental veneers to enhance the glance of your smile and achieve your goals. Today’s blog discusses the most popular cosmetic dental procedures you can choose instead of dental veneers. 

Crown: This dental restoration is significantly similar to veneers and is created to complement a patient’s natural smile. Dentists use cosmetic crowns for different purposes, from protecting a vulnerable tooth after root canal treatment to fixing dental cracks and chips. A dental crown covers more surface area than a veneer. Crowns provide more protection and can be used for more serious conditions compared to veneers. 

Teeth whitening: If you demand a brighter smile but don’t want to get veneers, you should consider teeth whitening treatment. You can request your dentist to whiten your teeth when you visit them for regular cleaning and checkup. Your dentist examines your condition to see if teeth whitening is needed. If so, you can visit our clinic for the best Newmarket professional teeth whitening services to brighten the shade of your teeth and make your smile more attractive. 

Bonding: Many cosmetic and emergency dentists use dental bonding in order to repair cracked or chipped teeth. Furthermore, dental bonding is used to change the structure of poorly shaped teeth without any alteration. The resin dentists use in dental bonding is significantly similar to natural teeth, giving you amazing outcomes at the end. Although dental veneers are a more popular cosmetic treatment, dental bonding is cheaper and more affordable. 

Invisalign: A common application of dental veneers is to fix misaligned teeth. If you are looking for a more effective option and don’t want the enamel removed, Invisalign treatment is an amazing choice. These clear aligners are so popular, especially in adults, since they usually don’t like the appearance of mental braces. 

Braces: Besides Invisalign, you can still choose braces as an excellent option to fix misaligned teeth. Braces are a famous orthodontic treatment that can fix serious misalignment issues such as overbites, crossbites, etc. Compared to veneers, braces take a longer time to give you the results you are looking for. But it’s worth your time and money if you aren’t that old and have enough patience.

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