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Do Dental Fillings Weaken Your Natural Teeth?


As you have probably experienced, tooth decay is the most prevalent dental problem among people. That’s because of the popular but unhealthy lifestyle many of us may follow without knowing its consequences. Poor oral hygiene, unhealthy diet, and lack of knowledge about oral conditions are some reasons for tooth decay. Fortunately, there are many effective approaches available to repair a decayed tooth in the most efficient way possible. You can visit our dedicated team of experts at Eagle Family Dentistry if you have a decayed tooth and need professional help to address it safely. Typically, fillings are the first option considered by dentists to restore a partly decayed tooth. Despite of s its significant benefits, many patients want to know whether fillings weaken their teeth over time. What should you do when the tooth begins hurting wrong around the filling? All of these questions are answered properly by our dentists since we offer quality fillings in Newmarket and can make you satisfied when you leave our office. Now, keep reading today’s blog to gain all the needed information about this amazing treatment.

Can They Make Your Teeth Weaker?

The answer is no. Many patients believe the substance used to replace the decayed part of the tooth isn’t as high-quality as it should be and can damage the tooth structure over time. In fact, traditional and low-quality filling can cause such problems, but you can prevent them by visiting your dentist on a regular basis. If needed, our dentists can replace your damaged filling with a new one or even our amazing dental crowns in Newmarket to preserve your tooth. These regular checkups help you to make sure your filling is in good shape and reduce the risk of further problems.

What Are They Made of?

Just like our other restorative services, such as dental veneers, fillings are formed from different materials such as amalgam, composite, gold, and porcelain.

What to Do When a Tooth Hurts?

If your tooth is sensitive and hurtful around the filling, it’s important to visit a professional as soon as possible. It’s usually an indication of serious problems and even dental emergencies. You can visit our experienced Newmarket emergency dentists, as they can analyze your condition and offer you the most useful treatment plan. Sometimes, pain around a filling explains that the decay wasn’t properly removed, and it went deep. Your mouth should be fully examined by our dentists, and they can tell whether root canal services in Newmarket suit your needs.

How to Avoid Such Treatments?

The best decision you can ever make is to protect your natural teeth at all costs. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how you can prevent issues like tooth decay if you want to avoid dental fillings. Besides good oral hygiene, you should visit a professional regularly for a comprehensive oral examination and cleaning. Our clinic offers the best dental cleaning services at Newmarket for those who care about their smiles. They can also teach you useful instructions to minimize the risk of further problems.

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