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Teeth Whitening: When Is It Necessary to Get It Done?

Teeth Whitening: When Is It Necessary to Get It Done?

If you feel like your teeth aren’t as white and shiny as before, it’s time to consider an effective method to make them pearly again. The shade of your teeth can significantly affect your smile appearance and make it more or less attractive. There are many things that can affect the color and make your teeth look stained over time. For instance, some people may have yellowish teeth by genetics, though they maintain a very good hygiene routine. Your diet, smoking, and age are other influential factors. Fortunately, there are many ways to remove those stains and have a perfectly brilliant smile. Our reliable dentists at Eagle Family Dentistry can help you with this case and show you the most appropriate solution according to your demands. One of the most popular methods is professional bleaching done by experienced dentists. It can bring you a shiny smile, and the results can last for years if you follow the important instructions. Our experts also offer the highest quality of in-office whitening in Newmarket at affordable prices so everyone with any budget can benefit from it. There are some conditions in which a dentist would recommend this procedure. Keep reading this blog to know about those occasions better!

Mild to Normal Stains

If your teeth have mild to moderate stains, you can be a good candidate for this treatment. The way dentists perform this procedure isn’t only specific to patients with severe discoloration and patients with less serious cases can also benefit from such services. Furthermore, our cosmetic dentists in Newmarket always suggest treating this problem in the early stages before your teeth get more discolored. If so, you only need one quick session of teeth bleaching in the office to achieve your dream smile. Some patients ask about the impacts of whitening kits that are available in drugstores. As a matter of fact, they are just temporary solutions and aren’t as effective as at-office services. Moreover, many don’t use these kits properly, which can cause serious problems. According to what our Newmarket emergency dentists say, improper usage of whitening kits is one of the reasons some patients come to the clinic.

Severe Stains

One of the most obvious cases that your professional recommends this treatment is when your teeth are severely stained. For these cases, professional teeth whitening should be the first option to whiten their teeth if they are lucky enough. Otherwise, you should choose other selections like bonding or veneers to hide the discoloration. Our clinic offers the best veneer services in Newmarket to help patients with severely discolored, chipped, or cracked teeth achieve a dreamy smile.

Prior to Restorations

If you are in need of a dental restoration, it’s highly recommended to bleach your teeth first. Our dentists always apply whitening gels on patients’ teeth before restoring the tooth. We provide the best veneer, bonding, and crown in Newmarket, and we understand the importance of whitening steps in those procedures.

If you still doubt this treatment, it’s time to visit our professionals. They can clearly explain the benefits and tell you whether you are an eligible candidate.

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